Rewire Your Brain for Success

Rewire your brain for success

There have been many studies conducted regarding the benefits of visualization. Here’s one. The Harvard Medical School had one group practice the piano for 5 days. The second group practiced but only in their minds.

The most exciting news in all of psychology, neurology and self-help is that recent research proves our brain remains “plastic” and – that we can “rewire” or – form new neurological connections – well in to our 70’s through – visualization.

Harvard Medical School did an astounding study in this area.

Two groups of adults were taught a simple one-handed – five finger – piano exercise. One group physically practiced two hours a day for five days.

The second group practiced the same length of time but ONLY IN THEIR IMAGINATION.

At the end of 5 days, growth in the motor cortex was identical in both those that physically practiced and those that mentally practiced. Talk about the power of visualization and brain plasticity!!

The power of the story literally changes your brain.

Change your brain for the better by telling yourself and others hopeful, healing and positive stories. And, surround yourself with people who change your brain for the better.

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