If you hate your job, that might be just the right motivation you need to get on your ideal path.  If you think about it, you spend the prime of your life and each day on your job. Do you think what you do at work impacts you?  Sure it does.  It plays a significant role in how you feel about yourself, and the kind of person you become.

Begin now to plan your new future. If you do this right, it can change your whole world and make it an exciting journey.


If you hate your job, you are not alone. It is surprising how many people are unhappy at work.  According to an ongoing study by Gallup involving over 25 million employees in 195 different countries, 24% of the workforce is actively disengaged. In other words, these workers are extremely unhappy at work. They are even hostile to their organizations. There are almost twice as many employees who are actively disengaged as there are employees who are engaged in their jobs. Gallup estimates that the cost of active disengagement within the U.S. alone is between $450 to $550 billion dollars per year.

Only 13% of employees are engaged in their jobs. That means that only one in eight workers feel they are making a positive contribution and are committed to their job and organization. Sixty-three percent of employees are not engaged in their jobs. In other words, they have “checked out.” They are not motivated. They do their jobs, but not with passion and energy.


Find a field or niche that you can be excited about, and can become a thought leader in. Companies and jobs are becoming less secure. Companies do not last as long. Fortune started tracking Fortune 500 companies in 1955. Of the 500 companies on that list, only 71 were still there in 2008. Also, “a full one-third of the companies listed in the 1979 Fortune 500 had vanished by 1983…”


Currently, more than one in three workers are freelancers. In 2019, Edelman, an independent research firm, analyzed freelancing trends. They reported that 57 million America, representing 35% of the U.S. workforce, freelanced. The share of full-time freelancers increased from 17% in 2014 to 28% in 2019. This is despite a tightening labor market. It is projected that by 2028 that 50.9% of the total U.S. workforce will be freelancers.

The use of temporary employees has expanded into all sectors (e.g., lawyers, doctors). U.S., Adecco predicts that the “rate of growth in contingent workers will be 3-4 times the growth rate of traditional jobs and will soon comprise at least 30% or more of the global workforce.”


It is easy to feel overwhelmed and to assume most things are out of your hands. That isn't true. Instead of being tactical, take the time needed to make a great decision and develop a plan. Become clear about who you want to become and how your career or business will support that goal. Define your noblest of passions - so you are inspired to go to work each day and make a difference. Discover your talents and strengths. Identify where there are market opportunities.  Develop a plan to become a thought leader in your niche. How you go about defining your future is critical to your real success.


The Creating You Inc guidebook helps you to develop and implement a plan that deeply motivates you. You discover who you yearn most to be. You believe in yourself. You develop the actions and habits that are key to your success. You define a planning and follow-up system that excites and motivates you to progress each days towards your vision.

The principles and methods you review in Creating You Inc are deeply sound. They are founded upon evidence-based practices, natural laws, deep insights of experts, and the most wise.

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