How to Become A Master of Your Emotions 

Dan Lu published a thought-providing article in medium titled "How to Become A Master of Your Emotions So You Can Enjoy A Happier & Healthier Life."  Below are highlights from his article and a link.  

Learning to master our emotions is one of the most important things we can do - to improve the quality of our life. 
Mastering our emotions is more important than just feeling happier or less angry in life. It impacts our health in significant ways.   It influences the decisions we make, and the actions we take. 
Many people believe that they are the way they are and they just can’t change.
That "fix mindset" belief in itself will keep someone stuck for the rest of their life.
If we don't learn to master our emotions and we can regret actions that we take
We process information around us through our filters
We often quickly generalize and put information into our filters or buckets.  In other words, we make assumptions
Many of our assumptions aren't based on an accurate understanding
Poor assumptions contribute to us creating limiting beliefs about ourselves
We distort and even delete important information because of our filters
There are 3 things that have a major influence on our thoughts, decisions, and perceptions.
Values: What is important to us
Beliefs:  Our thoughts about ourselves, others, and the world around us. 
State:  The emotion/mental state that we are in when we receive new information

To read the full-article click this link.