For Olympians, seeing in their minds is believing

Visualize success

Visualization has become commonplace among top athletes for over 30 years.

Before a single event has begun, a single point awarded, a single shot contested, the competitors have already lived these Olympics. They’ve felt their hand raised, swelled with pride as the national anthem played, felt the medal hang and tug at their neck.

Over the past three decades, visualization — also referred to as imagery or mental rehearsal — has grown in the sports arena and is now commonplace in many Olympic disciplines. Diver Troy Dumais, a four-time Olympian, said athletes can use the techniques to zero in on the specific moment and task awaiting them. They might concentrate on their breathing as they block out the crowd, the television cameras and the stakes. Then it’s just the diver standing above the water, separated by only a series of artful twists and flips.

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Visualize and create your future

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