The Top Online Planner Tool for 2022.

The top online planner tool for 2022

A planner is to help us better plan, organize, and manage our lives.  

Successful people are planners.  They decide what they want, how to get there, and what they need to do.  They track their progress and constantly look for ways to improve.   

A great personal planning and tracking system can have a huge impact in helping us to define and turn our visions into reality.  

What are the different types of personal planners?

Life/Daily Planner

An ideal planner helps you to discover or clarify your sweet spot, define your vision, and develop action plans to achieve your vision.  

It also helps you to define and manage tasks.  

Additionally, it aids you in developing those habits that align with your vision.  

To-Do Planner

A to-do planner or task manager helps you to manage your to-dos or tasks.


 A scheduler assists you in setting up and managing your appointments. 

Financial planner

 A financial planner helps you stay focused on your financial goals and be more aware of your finances.  

It enables you to track your bills, monthly expenses, taxes, and more.  It assists you in seeing where you can cut out unnecessary expenses and improve your finances.

Health & fitness planner

They can help you to set, achieve, and maintain your health and fitness goals.  You can monitor your nutrition, fitness, sleep, water consumption, and more. 


A journal is a personal record.  It enables you to record various details about your life – ranging from your activities, thoughts, feelings, members, events, and so on.


Is often used for organizing, planning, and keeping notes.

Digital planner

A digital planner is a PDF file that can be used with a note-taking app.  You can use these apps on your iPad or Android tablet and write on your planner using a stylus. 

A digital planner has hyperlinked tabs on the side so that when you tap on a tab, your planner flips to that spot.

Project management tool

Project management tools are designed to help a person, team, or organization to organize and manage their tasks.

Work planner

If you work on a team, are a manager, or own your own business, you need a work planner to track your day-to-day activities. 

You always have people to follow up with, tasks to finish, and plans to make, and a planner helps you keep all these details organized in one place. 

You won't have to refer to different applications, notebooks, emails, and journals to find something if everything is in one planner.

Life/Daily Planner

Our focus here is on Life/Daily planners - because they can help you to be both effective and efficient.   

Most online planners focus on task management and scheduling.  They improve efficiently – getting more done quicker.  Most don’t address effectiveness – being clear about your desired outcomes.  In other words, they don’t help you to focus and align yourself to your vision – so that you are doing the right things to be successful.   

What is the top online life/daily planner tool for 2022? 

We believe the best life/daily online planner is the Creating You Planner.  It is the most comprehensive online planner on the market.   It provides the following benefits:  

  • Sweet Spot:  It focuses heavily on helping you to discover and define for yourself your sweet spot - where you will be most successful.  
  • Vision:  It supports you in establishing a vision and visual board for yourself – that you view daily. 
  • Overcome Barriers: The fear of failure that overwhelmingly holds us back and is why we fail.  The app helps you day-by-day to overcome and replace those fears.  
  • Plans:  It helps you to establish a growth plan and action plans tied to your vision.  
  • Habits: It assists you to track your desired habits daily. 
  • Tasks: It enables you to manage your tasks.  
  • Journal:  It includes a journal and a notes section.  
  • Personal CRM: it includes a personal CRM – to help you grow and strengthen your network.