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I Hate My Job and Life

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If you hate your job and life, this might be just the right motivation you need to get on your ideal path. If you think about it, you spend the prime of your life and each day on your job. Do you think what you do at work impacts you?  Read More

Future of Work

There are key trends underway that are changing the nature of work including the Freelance Economy, Agile Organizations, and Technology and Remote Work.  One can't afford to close their eyes and hope for good outcomes. Read More

Make a Difference

What the world urgently needs are people who understand the challenges and opportunities ahead, cherish high values, have the courage to stand up for what is right, and are willing to build the skills needed to address the problems ahead.  Read More


You can’t excel if you have  a job or career where you are only focused on just surviving or making money. Unfortunately, most people get into a survival mode and lose sight of any effort of really making a difference.  Read More

Develop Your Compelling Products

Keys to developing your own compelling products and services.  Read More

Starting a Consulting Business

Simple but powerful tips to consider when starting a consulting business.  Read More

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