Becoming a Thought Leader

Optimize and expedite success


True thought leaders are passionate about making a difference.  They care deeply and are committed to a better future in their area. They bring people together to share insights and grow.

A thought leader can be an individual or an organization.   They are the authority in a field.  They are the go-to people or organization.  They are the trusted source.  They inspire, innovate, and create breakthroughs.

As the economy moves more toward specialization and innovation, expert knowledge will become more critical. In a crowded and competitive marketplace, the appetite to tap into the insights of thought leaders will grow.

Benefits of Thought Leadership

    • Create a beneficial change
    • Go-to person in the field
    • In high demand
    • Ability to be more selective in what they focus on


We help people to get clear on their sweet spot.  Seems simple?  It really isn't.  And, getting clear is vital.  If you don't find the right spot,  you can easily lose steam and focus.  When you do find your right sweet spot,  you are full of vision, passion, and grit.

So much time can be wasted in trying to be a voice in a field or niche.  However, with the right strategy and plan,  you ensure that you optimize your time and maximize results. Having the right content development strategy, and marketing plan can help you to optimize your time,  investment and returns.


We help you to develop and implement a strong strategy and plan.  We have a decade of experience in helping others to plan, develop, market, and launch highly successful thought leadership related products and services.  These included:

    • Popular courses
    • Best-selling books
    • Favorite local television program
    • Worldwide conferences
    • Movies
    • Websites
    • Technology
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Creating You, Inc. Coaching Sessions

Create a future where you are in the driver’s seat.

Our sessions are tailored based on your goals.  We can share insights from our best-selling book Creating You, Inc.  During our  sessions, you will enjoy rolling-up your sleeves and getting to work.  

  1. Discover Your Ideal Sweet Spot – to help optimize your contributions and success.
  2. Understand Trends Redefining the World – to help you identify and understand challenges and opportunities.
  3. Learn Powerful New Keys to Business Success – to help improve your chances of starting, growing, or being a part of a successful business.
  4. See What Careers will be in High Demand
  5. Plan to Become a Thought Leader - so you can become a major contributor in your field, innovate, and grow your business.
  6. Conduct Market Research to Determine What Products and Services to Focus On
  7. Understand How to Develop Compelling Products and Services
  8. Learn How to Create Engaging Marketing Content