Creating You Inc – The Guidebook (2022)

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This guidebook provides you the knowledge and tools to discover, define, and begin now to become who you yearn most in your soul to be. Your new vision will focus and inspire you to focus and create your career, business, and life-based on true purpose and making a real difference.

This guidebook complements the Creating You Planner:  the most powerful online planning tool to help you optimize your day and life.

David has masterfully created for individuals what Jim Collins did for companies in Good to Great.

The principles and methods shared are founded upon natural laws, evidence-based practices, substantive research, and the deep insights of wise people.

Learning critical knowledge is one thing, but successfully applying and mastering knowledge is another. Creating You Inc helps you to define and create your plan, habits, and planning system that will be the key to your success today and tomorrow.

I was stirred to deeply explore my identity, beliefs, purpose, noble passions, and to take action to implement the essential steps to reinvent myself.

I spent 30 years as a pastor of a large congregation. At 49 I found that I had to recreate myself. That was a long hard, often painful process.  I wish I had this 15 years ago when I started the process!




  1. Build a Strong Foundation of Deep Purpose and Success: To be who you yearn most to become, you much first learn how to build a proper foundation. Begin today to build that foundation.
  2. Become the Designer and Builder of Your Future: True greatness is not a thing of favor or chance. With the right thinking, you will literally be changing the structure of your brain to enable you to achieve your vision
  3. Create Genuine Compassion for Yourself and Others: Understand why creating compassion for yourself is critical to your happiness and your capacity to love and serve others fully. Begin now to strengthen your love for yourself and others.
  4. Create Your Empowering Beliefs: Learn how to replace the self-limiting and false beliefs that make you a prisoner with new beliefs that empower and deeply strengthen you.
  5. Become the Master of Your Emotions: Emotions are powerful. Instead of having them control you, discover how to tap into your positive emotions, and overcome your negative ones.
  6. Leverage Fully the Power of Habits: Habits make us who we are. Learn about and begin to create powerful habits that open the door to your success.
  7. Define Your Ideal Career, Business, and Life Sweet Spot: Discover and define your ideal career, business, and life sweet spot.
  8. Create Your Personal Growth Plan: Create a personal growth plan that truly excites you and aligns with who you yearn most to be.
  9. Use the Creating You Planner:  Your ability to achieve your vision can be significantly increased by utilizing the right tool or system.  Learn more about the Creating You Planner tool to help you define and turn your vision into a reality

25 reviews for Creating You Inc – The Guidebook (2022)

  1. Deepika

    David Willden has masterfully created for individuals what Jim Collins did for companies in “Good to Great”. Being on the cross roads of what to do with the last 15-20 years of my professional life this book couldn’t be timelier. Do I do a startup, create a tennis academy my personal passion, do strategic consulting, or ride the other end of the corporate ladder. Happiness is more important than money. This resource will certainly help me get from good to great. Great job Dave.

  2. yearn2learn

    Highly recommend! Creating You, Inc. was an unexpected journey of self-discovery and progress. I began reading with the expectation that it would only prove to be a repeat of many things I thought I knew about self-development and career management, but I found I was stirred to more deeply explore my identity, beliefs, purpose, noble passions, and to take action to implement difficult but essential steps to reinvent myself. Because of what David Wilden has created, I have renewed my commitment to complete a book I have been writing over the past two years and to get out of my comfort zone and truly pursue my greater purpose.

  3. Dr. R. G. Tate

    This is quite an amazing book. David Wilden takes us from thinking and defining our inner strengths to the global trends that will affect the world in which we will live and work. Given that, he uses those and national trends to project the kind of jobs and skills needed in the economy of the future. I particularly like the way he categorized the different types of archetypes that the new economy will require. The last sections of the book translate the trends and archetypes into practical advice about how to design your career and your company. This book challenges traditional thinking and provides a comprehensive guide to redesign your business and your career.

  4. A. Beeber

    I’ve read a couple of entrepreneurial types books and get that the relationship between having stable -employment and being employed by a 3rd party is changing. At the mid-point in my career, the points the author makes regarding finding a career where I can demonstrate my creativity really resonated. Who wants to be a corporate drone forever?
    So, this book was helpful to me in that it provided me a road map or the how to make such a change happen. While I am not about to leave my day job, working through the book is helping me come up with a business solution that could enable me to do so. Which is quite a liberating concept considering the high degree of underemployment that is occurring these days.

  5. Jose Berlioz

    I read the book, it really helped me out, getting to understand better myself in the way I behave towards certain drivers such as, peer pressure, job related stress , time management and other personal issues.
    I guess that it all builds up in having courage and dealing with every issue right upfront, giving priority to your needs and being likable.
    In the product part, I already had some knowledge in the profitable and most popular companies and brands, but it was very interesting to know , the real reasons why they were voted that way.
    Talking about famous people such as Oprah, Walt Disney in how ther failed in the beginning of their professional carreers ….. and how perserverance build character and motivation to move along and be what some are and others came to be in awsome learning those emotional drivers listed

  6. Alan B Cantor

    Creating You, Inc. is a Practical Life Optimization Guide. Joseph Campbell said “Follow your bliss.” David Wilden has managed to craft a pragmatic guide to achieving your life potential – to become the person you want to be. The beautiful part of this process is that, in achieving your positive potential, all those with whom you work and relate are the beneficiaries of your positive energy and productive work.
    This is the “Brief History of Time” for entrepreneurship, personal growth and aligning the fabric of your being with the life you wish to lead, to “Follow your bliss”.

  7. Laura

    I was shocked to find out that this book was exactly what I needed to help reboot myself. Being a new stay at home, I wasn’t sure how this book would apply to my life but it HAS in so many ways! This book is inspiring to say the least. One of my many favorite quotes for his book is the following.
    “The most powerful lesson that you can learn is that you can choose to be your own agent for change and not a victim. You literally can become the kind of person you want to become. This is not only your privilege, but I believe it is your right and responsibility to create your future.”

  8. Alison

    Creating You is a great book for people in careers or getting ready to embark on a new career…but it would also be a great read for every high school or college student. It asks questions that really help you discover what career path you can take to develop the best possible you in the most marketable way. The book is very readable with stories and real-life examples that make the book enjoyable and easy to read. It feels very timely and up to date.

  9. Sanjeev Kumar

    Creating You, Inc. is not only a fascinating book written by strategist David Willden but an entrepreneurship discovery tool. When I was invited to write a book review last year, I was not sure as, what to write because one needs to experience at least six to eight months of entrepreneurial journey of uncertain excitement, and a beginning that one waits for to last a lifetime, in order to write a review for an extraordinary book like this.
    The book focuses on a basic theme- “the world needs you”, and discusses at length that, to fulfill those “worldly needs,” one needs to find the noble passion, courage, hope in all its dimensions, curiosity marked with a sense of discovery of talents in the most aligned perspective, the worldly requirements of talents to redefine the challenges and opportunities, individual empowerment, and deeply understand the political, economical, social, technological, legal and environmental implications of the business, etc. The book has a plethora of examples like the persons who rewrote history to the ideas that are reshaping the global scenario to explain each of its discussed aspects.
    This book is a must read for every entrepreneur who wishes to convert the LABELS into a LEGACY. After having gone through the intricacies of the book, I have found it extremely inspiring, and hence sincerely recommend a couple of deeply thoughtful readings.

  10. Sparkler Brite

    David found a way to take an enormous challenge and provide just enough information on all of its components so that it feels complete. There were plenty of interactive surprises (that I won’t spoil for others) that make this book not only informative, but actionable. Actually, it’s the first book that I finished in a long time! (I relate to Seth Godin when he says he only reads a book until he gets the punchline, then he moves on.) Now that I have read it once, I will go back to key sections and do some personal reflection so I can apply the ideas shared. For those who like to read on-screen, this book is well-formatted for it.

  11. Dee Groberg

    In my review of David Willden’s “Creating You, Inc.” I will share the changing thoughts and feelings I experienced while reading it
    Having followed David Willden’s activities on Internet social sites, and being aware of some of his outstanding achievements, I thought his new book would be well worth the money and time to read. Even with such high expectations, I was surprised at how much value I received from reading just the first few pages. I could have stopped reading after the first chapter, (about 13 or so pages), and felt that I had received ample value for my time and money. In just those first few pages, using easy-to-read, but clear and engaging language, Mr. Willden not only identified the multiple benefits I as the reader would receive from the book but also left me “hungry” for more! Then in just the next chapter, (also about 13 pages), Mr. Willden again gave me far more than I had expected: he skillfully guided me step by step, like a friend to a friend, to DO what I–or anyone else–needed to do in order to uncover and reveal to ourselves our deepest, most noble, most natural, most satisfying, and most likely to succeed SELVES.
    Just those first two chapters, (about 26 pages), were to me ample return for my meager investment of time and money. But why stop reading at that point? A whole plan of how to USE that new vision of myself to truly succeed in fulfilling my most noble hopes and desires– while helping and encouraging others at the same time–was laid out before me like a grand banquet. But what most compelled me to read on were the tantalizing messages of What? How? Where? When? I could best use this new self-vision to most likely succeed! And these Whats? Hows? Wheres? and Whens? were almost all unfamiliar to me. Mr. Willden was now going to position me, not in the current world as it is now, but in the constantly and often dramatically changing world of the near future. (As a voracious reader myself, I had to wonder in amazement how I could have almost totally missed the obvious need to do that.)
    In the next seven short chapters a glimpse of a new and exciting world was opened up. Based on information from what appear to be the most reliable and respected groups and individuals, all duly reference for credibility and for the readers’ future use as resources, Mr. Willden summarizes the most solidly researched trends now happening in the world and what impacts they are now having and are likely to have even more so in the near future, the changes in the types of careers that are now becoming in highest demand with correspondingly high compensations, the power of–and the path to–becoming a “Thought Leader” with significant influence in whatever niche the reader has chosen–or will choose–as their “SWEET SPOT,” resources and processes that will be most effective in finding fitting opportunities for whatever the reader’s chosen niche is, and even chapters with surprisingly detailed steps to help find or create compelling products and services, AND even how to market them most effectively in this newly emerging world.
    Because much, if not most, of the information in the last seven chapters was largely new to me, I could neither grasp it all, nor remember very much of it. My first feeling was that it was too much, too overwhelming, an “overkill,” especially to someone like myself to whom it was mostly new. But then I wondered, “What could be left out?” Nothing. It was ALL needed. But I myself didn’t need to understand nor remember it all. Being aware of it’s existence, and now having the ability to access the portions that were pertinent to me in my niche were sufficient. It is a comprehensive resource for anyone and everyone, whatever their niches, goals, or “Sweet Spots” are, so ALL can find the information, the processes, the “tips” most useful to them. Perhaps no one person, including myself, would use but a small portion of such comprehensive resources. (Looking back at Mr. Willden’s introduction, I found that I had missed where he had given his advice on the most effective way to use the book. It was essentially the same as what I had concluded: the book was primarily a guidebook chuck full of resources useful to anyone in any niche.) I would expect that most readers will return to the book many times for the ideas, information, “tips” and other resources specifically helpful to them.
    One last observation: I felt that the design and layout, the organization, the intuitive, natural flow, and beautiful and appropriate photos and examples added significantly to the appeal of this timely and eminently useful career “guidebook.” I believe that almost anyone who CHOOSES to read, understand, and actually practice even a small portion of the practical wisdom in this elegant book will significantly uplift and enrich their lives. Thank you, David, for giving us such a thoughtful and thought-provoking “gift.”

  12. Severin Sorensen

    David Willden, in his latest book, “Creating You Inc.”, seeks to help ordinary people discover their talents, and tap into their higher purpose, and take control of their own lives and economic destinies, whether it is in finding a future proof career, or starting their next business. Through story telling of famous figures in history such as Viktor Frankl, Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, etc., the author weaves a narrative that draws the reader to explore their inner passions, hopes, and dreams.
    As a futurist, Willden continues the forward-thinking hypothesis first narrated in Thomas Friedman’s book, “The World Is Flat” where Friedman suggests that in the future, people who desire economic sustainability must focus their learning and time on the “right stuff” including educational requirements that people will need to survive in a `flatter’ world; Friedman recommends building right-brain skills, as those items are most difficult to automate or be duplicated. Willden offers hope to the reader that there are a number of future-proof careers needed now and in the future, and he identifies the careers that will be in highest demand in the future: the peacemakers, problem-solvers, opportunity-makers, health care-givers, protectors, and innovators.

  13. Saverio Losito

    WOW! THIS BOOK IS A TREASURE! EVERYONE CAN BENEFIT FROM IT. I have never seen another book that compares with what David L Willden has written in this gem. He brings so much useful information together and presents it in a very interesting fashion that motivated me to immediately start applying many of his recommendations. I was especially touched by his focus on “most noble passions” and what really underlies success and happiness. I recommend this book to anyone who is looking to improve his or her life.

  14. Cindy Wackett

    David Willden provides a magnificent culminating analysis of knowledge based on past theorists and leaders, current state of affairs and futuristic trends to set-up anyone seeking betterment in their careers for greater success. His book also serves as a reflective approach for those experienced leaders in coaching their top 10% to attain their goals and achieve their best in their personal leadership style. It’s a one stop read for any leader or for anyone who is striving to lead.

  15. Kordon V

    Great book for those trying to decide what to do when they grow up!
    Easy reading with thought provoking questions with an interesting framework for those trying to decide what to do “when they grow up”. This is a great book for those looking to make a career change or just starting out. I have two children who will soon enter college and this book will be helpful as they consider their college studies and what they will do afterward.
    The book also strikes me as a great tool for anyone interested in developing a new product or service.

  16. Carolyn Larkin

    As an entrepreneur myself, “passion and the journey to success can be an unpredictable, rocky road. Creating You, Inc. provides valuable information to be able to carefully construct a pragmatic approach to building a viable and successful business. David Willden has created a work of art for anyone who is seeking a way to create or re-create their personal journey to successful entrepreneurship.
    Don’t wait another minute to read this book! Keep it close as a powerful resource to pick up any minute of the day or night. The information David provides is not just from a classroom…. .it comes from tried and true experience!

  17. Kyra Dunshee

    I recently finished reading this book for the first time, and I highly recommend it for anyone who is passionate about discovering their perfect career. Unlike many books that try to help the reader determine only what they are passionate about, this book goes further. The reader is guided to consider their interests, abilities, and above all, the trends that are currently shaping the world. Regardless of whether the reader is an entrepreneur trying to start their first company or a seasoned professional, this book will help you think deeply about how you can be successful and have a positive influence on the

  18. Alejandro Paredes

    Creating You, Inc is an inspiring from the very first page. It explains how everyone can grow and do something significant as well as living the successful lives they want. I also love the statistics that never lie, and it tells why we all can be successful. The book is also very practical with some example and steps to take along the way – from end to end. Finally, it has the credibility because it refers to the important figures in the field of management along the way. I believe it’s one of the must-read books for anyone what want succeed.

  19. Marcelene Anderson

    David Willden has created a highly valuable resource, starting by positioning that you and I are the creators of our future and then provides well a systematic approach for taking action. Creating You Inc. provides well researched key trends and opportunities individuals to consider. Few books provide such a resource and takes that further with careers that will be in demand. The book also provides approaches for developing products and services as well as communication strategies to get your message out.

  20. Brent H.

    Great Book for Anyone at Any Stage in their career

    Willden has created something valuable and practical in “Creating You, Inc.” Anyone, at any stage in their professional career can benefit from the concepts and principles in “Creating You, Inc.” I learned and rediscovered new ideas, based on the way Wilden presents sage and practical concepts for an ever-changing job market, and shows you the steps needed to differentiate yourself and your skillsets, your passions, talents and stand out as an agent for change and thought leader.

  21. Rona Rahlf

    “Creating You, Inc” is a real-world, simple to implement guide book for go-getters. The writing style is smart, easy to follow and understand the key concepts. People at the culmination of a career or just beginning can benefit from this book!

  22. Donald Coggan

    An encyclopedia of success
    What a superb book! It’s a literal encyclopedia of helpful information for anyone wanting to succeed in business. It has a beautiful combination of good advice and inspiring words from masters past and present. Well done David!

  23. Eireann Thornley

    David has taken a complex and crucial life project and simplified it. All the tools you need to find a fulfilling life, and career, are included in a step by step system. It’s an easy read.

  24. Frank Mruk

    Before strategically managing your company, firm or organization, one must be able to strategically manage self and career. David Wilden has perfectly captured the important elements to consider in an easy to read, easy to digest format. It is an excellent guide for students of all types and even professionals later in their career development! I plan on recommending it to my students

  25. Robert M. Jones

    Great Seminar! David Willden really knows how to help those truly seeking to find their niche in life when it comes to marketing yourself. A business owner of any type would really benefit from David’s Expertise.

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