Asking the right questions, targeting the right people,  resonating, and moving to online world


A big question we ask is what competitive advantage does YOUR company have compared to its competition? And, how is this communicated to the target customers? We find that most companies use marketing content that is filled with meaningless words (e.g., best, superior, quality). These words have minimal impact in a purchasing decision because they are used by everyone.

The key is to find and create an offer that resonates and convinces prospects to purchase. To do this, we help you to define what the market really wants BUT what competitors can’t or won’t do.  This helps you to identify where you can create a competitive advantage for yourself.

There are six key areas and questions where we focus to help you improve sales:

    • Marketing: How can we ensure the business has a distinct competitive advantage?  How can we best market that? What are the most effective venues to reach out to the target prospects?
    • Sales Activities: Do we have the best sales funnel and process? How will we increase and improve our sales activities for each step in the sales process?
    • Improve Conversion Rate: How will we increase the number of prospects who become customers?
    • Increase Transaction Amount: How will we increase the average customer purchase amount?
    • Market Extension: How will we extend the market that we focus on (e.g., geography, new customer segment)?
    • Improved or New Product/Service: How can we best improve or develop new winning products and services?

You can put in the perfect marketing and sales processes and have the best marketing content and fail.

People are the key to your organization’s success. They are also the reasons for failure. We will help you to establish the right kind of accountability and tools that can solidify change, help you meet targets, and reduce people related defective performance, not in some marginal way, but dramatically.


The world of marketing is changing.  Over 91% turn to the internet today to learn about a product and services.  It is amazing, how few businesses understand the new online world and effectively capitalize on the potential it offers for them.

Here are areas where we help businesses to succeed in the online world:

  • Lead Magnates
  • Landing Pages
  • Leveraging Online Traffic Sources
  • Webinars
  • Virtual Meetings
  • Online Connections (e.g., LinkedIn)
  • Lead Lists Generation (e.g., data mining, social listening)
  • Email Campaigns and Calls
  • Lead Generation and Qualification Marketing Automation
  • Retargeting
  • High Traffic Websites
  • Analytics