Money is the lifeblood of business. Your objective is to make money,  contribute to customers, and create a great work environment


We analyze with you and your people the organization’s financials.  We typically do this as part of strategy analysis and planning process.  We'll identify quick hitters - so we can reduce costs immediately.   Also, as we develop the strategy and plans, we'll know strategically where to cut and were to invest.

We typically start our cost analysis process by developing an enterprise diagram.  This includes the current strategies, products, services, and processes employed in the organization.   It includes cost and other key metrics.   Later the enterprise diagram will be updated to focus on the new strategy.  This will make it easier to know where to invest and reduce costs moving forward.

During this process, we will prioritize and drill down to determine how to:

    • Increase sales
    • Improve product & service profitability
    • Reduce cost of goods sold
    • Increase productivity
    • Reduce overhead expenses
    • Improve cash flow

When possible, we will compare your revenue and cost categories with the top 25% performers in your industry.

Together we will develop a game plan on how to best improve your short and longer-term margins and profits.  We can then jump in and expedite  implementation.

Below are example of areas where we have had a big impact in improving profits: