Helping you to create an exciting future, achieve breakthroughs, and make a real difference.


We all benefit richly from coaches, who care, and have the right experience.  The right coaching can help you to achieve extraordinary results in your career, business, and life.  It enables you to get the knowledge and support you need at the right time to optimize your success.

Our sweet spot is helping people like you to discover and achieve breakthroughs.  We provide career coaching, executive coaching, and business transformation consulting.

We've led exciting transformations in critical public, private and non-profit sector organizations.   We've led countless groups and teams  in developing and marketing best-selling books. popular training programs, entertainment, technology, and other high profile initiatives.


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CareerOur coaching sessions are customized to best help meet your unique needs.  The areas below are examples of how we help.

Build upon the insights provided in Creating You, Inc.  During the sessions, let's enjoy rolling up our sleeves and getting to work.

  1. Discover Your Ideal Sweet Spot – to help optimize your contributions and success.
  2. Understand Trends Redefining the World – to help you identify and understand challenges and opportunities.
  3. Learn Powerful New Keys to Business Success – to help improve your chances of starting, growing, or being a part of a successful business.
  4. See What Careers will be in High Demand
  5. Plan to Become a Thought Leader - so you can become a major contributor in your field, innovate, and grow your business.
  6. Conduct Market Research to Determine What Products and Services to Focus On
  7. Understand How to Develop Compelling Products and Services
  8. Learn How to Create Engaging Marketing Content

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