Discover and define who your soul yearns to be, and then embrace with excitement the habits and system that enable you to become that person.

Prepare for a Future of Purpose and Success

Learn that to succeed abundantly in your career, business, and life, you must lay the proper foundation first and continually strengthen and build upon it.

Become the Designer and Builder of Your Future

Understand that true greatness is not a thing of favor or chance. You must define yourself. You can create your future and change the structure of your brain to help you achieve your vision and goals.

Create Genuine Compassion for Yourself

Understand why creating compassion for yourself is so important to your happiness and your ability to love others fully.

Free Yourself from Self-Limiting Beliefs

Learn how to replace the self-limiting and false beliefs that hold you back with new beliefs that strengthen and empower you.

Learn to Master Your Emotions

Emotions are powerful. Instead of having them control you, learn to tap into your positive emotions, and overcome your negatives ones to reach your vision.

Become Self-Aware

Learn to become self-aware to improve your confidence and to become more effective in working with others.

Define Your Ideal Sweet Spot

Discover the four most important considerations to help you define your ideal career and business sweet spot.

Become a Key Contributor and Thought Leader

Develop your plan to become a key contributor, influencer, and thought leader in your field.

Create Your System for Breakthrough Success

Create an effective system for personal planning, follow-up, and daily growth to achieve your vision.

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"David has masterfully created for individuals what Jim Collins did for companies in 'Good to Great.'"

"The beautiful part of this process is that, in achieving your positive potential, all those with whom you work and relate are the beneficiaries of your positive energy and productive work."

"I was stirred to more deeply explore my identity, beliefs, purpose, noble passions, and to take action to implement the essential steps to reinvent myself."

"I spent 30 years as a pastor of a large congregation. At 49 I found that I had to recreate myself. That was a long hard, often painful process.  I wish I had this 15 years ago when I started the process!"