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The book Creating You Inc. lays the groundwork to help you to design and build your career, business, and life.

Create You Inc. Course

The Creating You Inc course helps you to design and build your career, business, and life so that they align with your why, vision, and sweet spot.  It provides additional context, examples, and insights.  It walks you through the exercises to help them develop and begin implementing your plans. Learn more.

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Coaching Programs

We provide one-on-one coaching programs to help you accelerate your progress and success. Each person has a different background, story, and aspirations – and we can customize the program to best meet your needs.  We all benefit richly from coaches who care and have the expertise to help us achieve extraordinary results in our career, business, and life. Learn more.

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Influencer and Thought Leadership Development

We help you to become an influencer and thought leader. We provide guides and coaching on the latest best practices to help you successfully develop and market your thought leadership products and services (e.g., books, online courses, coaching, consulting, workshops, subscription sites, speaking engagements, seminars). Contact us to learn more.


My name is David Willden.  I am the author of Creating You, Inc.

I want you to be who your soul yearns most to be.  Have the courage and be that person.  Don't allow anyone to take that from you!  It is never too late.

My sweet spot is helping people to discover and create a future of real purpose for themselves. I want them to become genuinely passionate about their sweet spot and to succeed. I know there is no work more important than helping people reach their potential. I’ve found great joy in working with people from all walks of life to help them succeed and become important contributors and thought leaders in their fields.

I am also passionate about building upon the strengths of each person and team to create the highest performing and motivated organizations possible. I have worked as a top executive as well as an executive consultant leading major transformations and turnarounds in the private, public, and non-profit sectors.

My approach to leading major improvement is different than most. I engage everyone in the analysis and planning process. I've discovered that when you care about others, are purpose-driven, and build everyone's strengths, breakthroughs occur. The organizations, teams, and initiatives I've led have generated well over $1.9B in results. More importantly, we significantly improved the capacity of critical organizations to better carry out their missions.

I have an M.S. from Johns Hopkins University and a B.A. from Brigham Young University.