Self-confidence is more important than you think

Why Self-Confidence Is More Important Than You Think

Dr. Barbara Markway is the author of this article. She is thought leader on confidence, and her newest book is The Self-Confidence Workbook: A Guide for Overcoming Self-Doubt and Increasing Self-Esteem.

Self-confidence is linked to almost every element involved in a happy and fulfilling life.

The more confident you become, the more you’ll be able to calm the voice inside you that says, “I can’t do it.” You’ll be able to unhook from your thoughts and take action in line with your values.

If you’ve suffered from low self-confidence, you’re probably familiar with rumination, or the tendency to mull over worries and perceived mistakes, replaying them ad nauseam. Excessive rumination is linked to both anxiety and depression, and it can make us withdraw from the world. But by filling up your tank with confidence, you’ll be able to break the cycle of over-thinking and quiet your inner critic.

Confidence gives you the skills and coping methods to handle setbacks and failure…

It might seem counterintuitive, but when you have more self-confidence, you’re less focused on yourself. …The truth is, people are wrapped up in their own thoughts and worries. When you get out of your own head, you’ll be able to genuinely engage with others.

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